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Why choose RPM Malta?

We have been riding motorbikes for over 20 years both on- and off-road. We patiently teach you our knowledge and experience so that you can ride safely, choose the right gear, understand your bike, the road and how to use them safely together.

1. step | choose your category 

We offer all the full motorcycle categories (A1, A2, A), which are all accepted in the EU. You can ride abroad and you can carry a passenger too - regardless of the engine size. You don't need to to have a car licence to start, but you'll need to have a Learner's Permit

Check Our Courses for more details.


For people who already have a car licence and want to ride a 125cc bike. You will need to take 10 lessons mandatory training and afterwards you will be issued with a certificate of attendance. You will NOT be permitted to ride with a passenger or to ride outside of Malta.

2. step | Fill out the application form

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For the full (A1, A2, A) categories, the application process starts with acquiring the Learner's Permit. Once you have that issued by Transport Malta, you can book your first riding lesson.

The A1-B course is not a full licence category, only an attendance course - so no need for a Learner's Permit. All you need to is to fill out the registration form, and get in touch to book your first lesson.

3. step |  Book your First Lesson

If you're done with the paperwork, you just have to get in touch with us to book your first bike lesson. Simple, isn't it?

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What do you need for the lessons?

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we highly recommend to get your own helmet at least. Don't panic if you don't have one yet, as we provide helmets and high visibility vests for the duration of the training - but you'll use it on your own risk.

If don't have any kind of motorbike specific clothing, you will still have to wear a pair of sturdy shoes, long trousers and a long sleeve top.

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