What to bring?

If you have any kind of protective equipment, don't hesitate to bring it. Due to the current Covid-19 situation we highly recommend to get your own helmet at least. Don't panic if you don't have one yet, as we provide helmets and high visibility vests for the duration of the training - but you'll use it on your own risk.

In case you don't own any kind of motorbike specific clothing, you will still have to wear a pair of sturdy shoes/boots, long trousers and long sleeve top.

Latest, for the practical test you'll need to get a pair of gloves, because you can't even start the test without them - although we recommend to get them as soon as possible for your own good, as it's better to get used to ride in them. 



We don't ride in shorts and t-shirts, so in case you show up in inappropriate clothing, the instructor will refuse to do the lesson, and you'll be still charged for the pre-booked lesson.

Where to come?

All the lessons start and finish at our office in Attard (Victor Vassallo street-triq Il-Ballut corner).

The car park lessons are held in Ta' Qali, the road lessons are held mostly in the central areas.

Our main focus is to get the students familiar with certain roads and routes that are usually used during the practical test.